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Kids Dance Parties Why not give your next Kids party a fun dance theme?

We offer Strictly Kids Latin & Ballroom dancing, Funky Hip Hop & Street, or Disco Fever!

We have fantastic party hosts and dance teachers who love to provide entertainment and share their passion for dance!

Children will take part in an excellent mix of dance games and learn funky dance routines; within the 2 hour session we allow time for party food break. Optional mini performance for parents at the end of the party! Alternatively we can offer a fun disco with less tuition but more freestyle dancing and party games...


All of our superstar preschoolers party entertainers are bursting with energy and will put on a party your little one will never forget, whilst also minimising the stress on you! Our parties are packed full of music, singing, dancing and games to get your pre-schoolers up and moving and having a fantastic time!

We know how tricky entertaining pre-schoolers can be, which is why we provide a range of ‘show’ lengths starting from 45mins all perfectly tailored to keep your little ones engaged and having fun without being overwhelming for them.


Our children's street dance discos are absolutely perfect for your movers and groovers! All our discos are completely interactive and are packed full of imaginative games, competitions and dancing.


Our Street Dance parties are the perfect opportunity for your child to show off their moves in front of all their friends. With a little help from our professional DJ dancer your child will learn a dance routine to WOW their guests with!

                               SCHOOL DISCO

Key Stage 1 Disco (infants) followed by Key Stage 2 Disco (juniors). Various durations can be booked, however, an hour or an hour and a quarter for each session is normally about right.

Great music and cool lights and special effects are great but all children get bored easily, so our school disco DJ’s have an array of amazing activities to keep them inspired. There will be the STREET DANCE disco dance championships, battle between boys Vs girls, the mummy game, the school disco X Factor and many more incredible activities especially aimed at the age group and designed to involve the whole school at the same time. All these activities along with our DJ’s unique personalities and incredible amounts of energy will guarantee that the pupils at your school will be enthralled with the school disco experience from start to finish !!!


If your child lives for the beautiful game they will love our kids Soccer Superstar Football Disco Party! We have packed everything a football fan could possibly want into one truly awesome kids disco football party… football ,music football and lots more music !!!

 It’s a party of two halves starting with the Neon lighting football game & Skills Course, which tests the children’s footballing skills in a fun competitive way. Agility ladders, dribbling cones, reaction hoops and agility hurdles are just some of the training equipment we use in this great team based warm-up game and then the second halve is a street dance disco with action games.